Monday, July 21, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight!

Watch out Robert Mugabe they are coming after you. You don’t seem to behave cordially with western folks these days! Eh? Are you too big for your shoes? Have you heard about a dark knight? He is coming after you.
Iran, stop enriching uranium! You folks are a real menace to ‘western democracy’. Look at North Korea they are now, with ‘us’. The coalition of the willing! Want to know who else is there? Well our man from ‘Gotham city’- Batman alias Bruce Wayne.

‘With a fantastic collection of stamps
To win friends and influence his uncle..’

I see Donald Trump (in Christian Bale) wear his bat suit amidst the ruins of ground zero. He is busy punching digits on his i-phone; frantically calling his servant Pedro (Michael Cain). He wants to know if the Wall Street came crashing down? Or if his stocks are safe at the aftermath of the tragedy.

Discipline and Punish!
Capitalism has a new task in hand. It is called Disciplining. It is the first step. Punishment will follow in the next step and third is re- structuring. From the streets of Gotham to that of Iraq we have seen the ‘western democracy’ teaching truant street thugs like Jack Napier (Joker) how to behave.

By now all you ‘baddies’ have got a feel of how ‘we’ operate. The latest Bat-flick will tell you. We no longer care for international law. We violate your air space if we have to. We take prisoners right from your own door step. No, you are wrong: CIA is not part of this ‘operation’; in fact we retired those guys long time back. It s Batman we trust in and the rest is strictly in cash!
The City(Bank) and Batman never sleep at night!

‘Police doesn’t know how to make a man guilty or innocent
…against the repression of the police….’

Joan Baez,
I suggest you take a closer look at the brutal representation of violence in police custody (Batman beating up Joker right under the watchful eyes of police chief in a police station). Guantamo bay style of torture was on the surface!

Vigilante as the last man standing in the west (ern) democracy of nightmarish dystopia.

‘This city is like a sewer….. Some one has to clean it up…’
-Travis to a Senator Charles Palantine.
--Taxi Driver, 1976
Travis is a war –veteran from Vietnam. He wants to clean up the city! He is getting organized. Does he call Batman? No, he takes the onus on himself. Shoots his way out of the whore house after rescuing Iris. Applauds. – ‘Gary Cooper rides with Grace Kelly into the sun…you ********- John McClane, Die Hard, 1988

‘There must be a way out of here …said the joker to the thief?’

This is what most of us in the third world are wondering.There must be a way out of this uni- polar world and its obscene representation. Christopher Nolan’s Batman – The Dark Knight is just an entry point into the heart of present day world order. It can be read as an allegory of things that just doesn’t seem right .The end doesn’t justify the means.
This is popular culture at its best. Thrilling experience for kids and right wing adults too.
A dark tale of popular culture degenerating into the political pedagogy of the far right!
The white man has to carry his burden for few more blocks. Passing through Baghdad, Tehran and Kabul…
The march continues…
Someone in his/her blog has called Dark Knight a tragedy of nietchian proportion. I agree. This is the tragedy of western modernity and capitalism.

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